Daisy's Testimony

My name is Daisy. I walked into the A&A Alexandrina Center. I told them that I needed diapers but what I really needed was to talk.

I was alcoholic and a heroin addict. I had lost custody of both of my children and I was living on the streets.

One of the volunteers at the center sat with me for hours. She told me she understood what I was going through because at one time in her life she was also homeless. Her story was very much like my own.

And yet there she sat, so healthy and so pulled together, I couldn’t believe that she ever spent one minute in my shoes.

She talked about God. She told me that God loved me… that he would help me, and I believed her. She advised me to go straight from the A&A Alexandrina Center that afternoon to Saint John’s Homeless Shelter in Green Bay, and I did.

I walked into that shelter and I told them that I was an alcoholic and a heroin addict, but that I didn’t want to be an addict anymore, I wanted to get clean. I cried; they welcomed me in with open arms. And because I wanted help with my addictions they kept me separated from the general population.

I got to sleep in a real bed with a mattress. I worked with their counselors. I went to NA meetings. I started going to church every Sunday. But I still had the urge to drink and to do drugs. I even thought about giving up.

A month later, I remembered something that the nice lady at the A&A Alexandrina Center had told me; something that she had done once when she was feeling broken and alone…

I took off my jacket, I took off my shoes, I sat on my bed, I lifted my eyes up to Heaven and cried out, “God, I give you my life, I give you my heart, I give you everything! I trust you, I love you, I believe in you, let your will be done.”
And I could feel it, at that very moment a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I was healed, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

There was no turning back! I never did drugs again. I left Saint John’s Homeless Shelter a new woman. A few months later, I was welcomed into the House of Hope.

The staff there helped me regain custody of my two children. They also helped me get an apartment. My life isn’t without its challenges, but I still pray every day.

On the rough days I still cry but I ask God for help and he guides me.
If my daughter hears me crying she says “Mommy, maybe if we pray together you’ll feel better.” And I do. I am thankful for the A&A Alexandrina Center.

I went in a desperate woman and I walked out an empowered woman; hopeful and determined. I’ve since met a good catholic man and we’re expecting a baby.
We’re not rich but God provides. If I need diapers or formula when the baby comes I know where to get them. If I need a shoulder to cry on I know where I can get that too. Please support the A&A Alexandrina center, please, for me.

Love Daisy   

Angel’s Testimony

I was 19 and pregnant, homeless out on the streets; addicted to pot and alcohol. I am walking, just walking around town, nowhere to go. I pass this place call the A&A Alexandrina Center. I’ve seen this place many, many times. I used to work through the temp agency that is right next to the A&A Alexandrina. I knew they helped with diapers and stuff but something told me to go inside and ask for help. So, I go in, and meet with a lady. At first, I was very hesitant…she was asking lots of questions. Lots of personal questions and the way I was brought up, we kept our personal lives to ourselves so I didn’t share much but God told me to humble myself and stop being so stubborn. I shared my situation (pregnant and homeless) and I thank God every day for blessing me with the women of the MOM’s Home. At the end of the “meeting” the lady informed me that I came to the right place and that they had this place called The MOM’s Home, where they help women and children and pregnant woman….(the remainder of her testimony can be found under The MOM’s Home tab
“I am with you always, to the end of the age”
Matthew 28:20
Thank you for your time,
Angel C. 

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