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With the help of many generous donors, volunteers, and much good will, the first M.O.M.’s home was opened in Allouez in 2008. By the end of 2010, the entire mortgage was retired. Thanks be to GOD!
The M.O.M’s (Mothers of Mary) Home has been blessed with housemothers; strong, pro-life Catholics who will certainly make an impact on the lives and souls of any who are placed under their care. They have taken on this most charitable work of staffing the M.O.M.’¬s home. God Bless them and their new lay apostolate.
The mission of M.O.M’s Home is to give new mothers and their children a warm, safe and secure home while they gain confidence and independence.
M.O.M’s Home offers single mothers continuing education courses and compassionate support services. Providing practical necessities like food and shelter eases much of a mother’s stress and financial burden, allowing her to focus on bettering her family situation, finding employment, establishing healthy habits, etc.
A successful future often depends on a stable environment that offers peace and safety and the M.O.M’s home does just that.


Angel’s Testimony:

During my stay at the MOM’s Home, I have met a lot of strong, encouraging, loving people. I have learned a lot about myself. I have picked up some good parenting techniques from one of the house mothers. The house mothers and I haven’t always seen eye to eye but let me tell you the home is filled with love and support. There has been a lot of growth, personal growth during my time at the Mom’s Home and even after leaving. When I came to the MOM’s Home, I had nobody and I was super broken. I mean, I’m still broken, I’d be lying if I said otherwise but I am slowly but surely repairing myself. With the support of the “MOM’s Home Team” I’ve found myself in the process of mending relationships with people that either I’ve hurt or who have hurt me so deep that there was one a day I couldn’t even think of forgiveness. I can’t give all the credit to the “MOM’s Home Team” because truthfully, it’s Gods’ work. God has come to me through these women and has helped me find my true self. I’ve started my spiritual walk, I’ve been growing as a woman and as a mother each day. I’ve learned to love myself and love others. The MOM’s Home gave me HOPE when I thought there was nothing left for me. With the MOM’s Home, I have found courage and strength, strength to keep fighting. I speak a lot of myself and my personal growth because all I’ve ever wanted was to be a good mother. If we aren’t strong for our children then who will be? If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love our children? My stay at the MOM’s Home has been a life changing experience. I am not perfect, I still make mistakes. As I am writing this letter, I find myself in yet another one of life’s many obstacles. But it’s all part of God’s plan to shape us into the people that we are truly meant to be. I am almost 22, still young but the I’ve struggled with alcohol abuse for almost a decade already and with the love and support that God has gave me through the MOM’s Home I have started my recovery journey. If I am not sober, I can’t be the mother my daughter deserves. I am writing this to tell you not to give up. There is hope. Although I’ve got a long way to go, a long way to grow, I’ve come very far since I’ve first stepped foot in the MOM’s Home.
Nobody can do it for you. You have to put in the work. Our stories may be totally different but just know that there’s hope. With your hard work and determination to get on your feet and be an example for your children you can make it. Most of all, your trust in God, you can and will make it. 

Val’s Testimony:

Three months ago I was homeless, pregnant and battling addiction. I was tired of my life and I wanted something more for myself. I started searching for places that help pregnant women that were homeless. I found the direct number to the Mom’s home and I left a message about my situation and what I was looking for. I received a return call from Teri letting me know what exactly the house was for and what the rules were. We set up a meeting and I met with her and another woman at the A&A Alexandrina Center. I was scared and felt broken inside, I was afraid of being judged. I didn’t know what to expect but I went and told them everything I was going through and that I wanted help and I wanted to change.
Since being in the MOM’s Home I have come a long way in a very short time. I now had a place to call home. Being able to have a place to look forward to sleeting at every night is a huge blessing. When I first walked into my room, I cried. It was perfect! It was amazing to know that there were people that made a place like this available to women in need. I’m so grateful to have found the Mom’s home and being able to live with Teri.
Teri is an amazing woman and has been so helpful to me in helping me accomplish all of my goals. She’s treated me like family since the beginning and I am so grateful to have met her. I’ve also build a stronger relationship with God and today I have a stronger faith. Teri and Ellen have really helped me understand things that I was unsure about and helped in the right direction when it comes to my faith.
Today, I am proud of myself and the person I am becoming. I have a beautiful baby girl who is amazing and healthy. I’m happy to say that everything I have today is because of the Mom’s Home and being able to be a part of it. I am so grateful for everything this program has helped me with. I want to thank all the women who make this possible at the house and at the A&A Alexandrina Center.
Love Always,
Valleri S. Kennedy and Keylahni 

Hannan’s Testimony:

Hi I am Hannan, age 23. I have been living in the MOM’s house since august 31st 2018 with my two children Rayna age 8 months and Rayann 3 years old. In the beginning when I came to this house I was really depressed with everything that was going in my life I wasn't able to sleep peacefully I wasn't necessarily eating and wasn't focused in anything I ever did. Mom's house gave me hope a roof over my head and peace and comfort. I was surprised by how I was treated and how I was always surrounded with love and positivity. Which made me see things clearly. At first I wasn’t truly excited about doing prayers. Was always worried if I did something I would get yelled at or get treated differently since it was the first time for me for being homeless. I had a different way of how I thought of myself and everyone at the house proved me wrong and accepted me for myself. I was going through a custody battle with my daughter's father I found Teri always staying by myside helping me calm through my anxieties pushing me always to do better. Today I feel I am truly blessed to be having that kind of support and I appreciate every help I have received.
Thank you MOM's house to help me heal, to help me survive, to help me become more independent. And for the most part thank you for bringing me closer to God and make my faith stronger again. I am truly blessed.
Thank you.
Hannan I. 

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