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Are you worried you might be pregnant?
Or recently found out that you are?
A million emotions are going through your head;
Are you scared? Excited? Horrified?
These are all common emotions and you are not alone!
Maybe you had other plans for your life and a baby wasn’t one of them. Don’t let fear make you do something you’ll regret. At the A&A Alexandrina Crisis Pregnancy center, volunteers are available to talk; judgement free.
These same volunteers are able to offer you information on your options and connect you to resources that can help you prepare for the future – yes, you still have one!
If you are pregnant, not sure, or don’t know what to do,
Green Bay Pregnancy Help offers you a place to share your thoughts, fears and concerns while considering your options. 


• Free Pregnancy Testing
• Free Ultrasounds
• Diapers
• Gently used baby clothes and items
• Available Options including Post abortion resources
• Development of the baby Facts vs. Fiction
• Layette Baskets-These gift baskets contain baby clothing, blankets, diapers, bath products and other basic necessities for a newborn and are given to each woman who tests positive for pregnancy.
• MOM’s Home-Housing and other assistance for single mothers in need. 

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 A&A Alexandrina Center:
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MOM's Home:
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