About M.O.M’s Home

The M.O.M’s (Mothers of Mary) Home has been blessed with a set of new housemothers. Two young women, strongly pro-life Catholics. will certainly make an impact on the lives and souls of any who are placed under their care. They have taken on this most charitable work of staffing the M.O.M.’­s home. God Bless them and their new lay apostolate.

Opened in spring 2008, the mission of M.O.M’s Home is to give new mothers and their children a warm, safe and secure home while they gain confidence and independence.

M.O.M’s Home offers single mothers continuing education courses and compassionate support services. Providing practical necessities like food and shelter eases much of a mother’s stress and financial burden, allowing her to focus on bettering her family situation, finding employment, establishing healthy habits, etc. A successful future often depends on a stable environment that offers peace and safety and the M.O.M’s home does just that.

With the help of many generous donors, volunteers, and much good will, the first M.O.M.’s home was opened in Allouez. Already by the end of 2010, the entire mortgage was retired. Deo Gratis!!!

M.O.M.’s home