About Us

GB Pregnancy Help of A&A Alexandrina Center has been operating in Green Bay for two decades. The Center helps more than 2,000 women per year, administering more than 1,000 free pregnancy tests on average, and provides a host of services, and material help and support for women and children.

GB Pregnancy Help offers a variety of services, including:

  • Available Medical staff
  • Free Pregnancy testing
  • Free ultrasounds
  • Information on abortion, fetal development, adoption and parenting
  • Child birth classes
  • Housing information at the M.O.M’s Home for women in need
  • Community resources
  • Post-abortive counseling

Commitment of Care

Many are interested in the day-to-day operations of our pregnancy crisis center, so Medical Director Dr. Amy Rosteing has furnished this statistical update.

The Center’s yearly contacts remain at a somewhat stable number, just over 2,000 clients. Of those 2,000, about 450-500 are new. The number of pregnancy tests are up, with about 1/3 being positive, and 2/3 testing in the negative. Ultrasounds are up slightly, to 50 for the year. Approximately 40 of the clients who test positive are abortion minded. Of those two out of three will not proceed with an abortion, but sorrowfully, one out of three will continue with their initial plan to abort their child. In 2010, over $5,000 was needed to cover the cost of some 20,000 diapers.

In 2012, over a dozen women and children of all faiths were housed and cared for at the M.O.M’s home. The Allouez house can accommodate up to three mom’s at a time.

Some of these numbers may not seem overly impressive until one understands that the Center is only open four hours every weekday. The task of dealing with all aspects, from financial to spiritual to physical, for so many clients is not a small one. And the fact that this Center is all-volunteer and still runs like a well-oiled machine is a testament to the dedication of its staff and also to the support, financial, physical, and spiritual, that it receives from the pro-life minded of the community of the surrounding area.

Please continue to pray and offer sacrifices for this endeavor, so essential to the mission of saving babies one at a time, and changing the culture of death to a culture of life.


Green Bay Pregnancy Help, A&A Alexandrina Center has been serving the women of Northeast Wisconsin since 1992 when it was founded by Dorothy O’Mally and Lee Mayer. For some years prior, both women privately helped pregnant women, eventually founding A&A Alexandrina Center to better serve the growing needs of countless other women.

The known and well- documented harmful physical and psychological side effects experienced by women who have had abortions spurred Dorothy and Lee into formally helping those seeking abortions to consider and understand the risks involved. Understanding the stress that unexpectedly pregnant women experience, Dorothy and Lee created the Center as a place that not only provides women with all the facts about abortion, adoption and single motherhood, but also provides the resources these women needed to make well-informed decisions that would affect the rest of their lives, and obviously, the lives of their pre-born children.

In addition to providing diapers — about 20,000 per year — formula, baby clothes and furniture to new mothers, GB Pregnancy Help, A&A Alexandrina Center, has added a maternity Mom’s Of Mary’s Home that can shelter homeless pregnant women.

Green Bay Pregnancy Help of A&A Alexandrina Center and the M.O.M.’s Home are staffed by a 100-percent volunteer team. The Center is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization sustained solely through private donations, with all donations being tax deductible. No federal or state funding is or ever will be accepted.

The uniqueness of the Center is that all financial donations, services and resources go to those women who come to the Center. Not one member of the staff ever receives a penny.

Thank you for your continuing support.

For further information, you can read our Mission Statement.